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Spiritual Healing by Lighthouse Healing Network


Lighthouse Healing Network


I could feel the angels lifting blockages in my heart chakra right away and their continued work on my lower chakras. I was completely at ease during the session. Time felt like it stood still--40 minutes seemed to only be 5 minutes.  The Angel messages that came through validated several things for me. Since my session with Gaynelle I have more peace within. It was super exciting to hear the angels' insight and to feel their unconditional love. I really enjoyed Gaynelle’s presence and the warmth from her open heart. Her work with her angel guides is seamless and sincere. I highly recommend working with Gaynelle and her healing Angel guides



I love receiving channelled messages from Rocio and being in her presence overall. I have asked Rocio about a diverse range of topics and she has brought me home to the simplicity of wisdom each time. Rocio is a loving, tender, confident and soothing channel able to provide practical advice pinpointing areas of refinement and behavioural patterns with compassion. Rocio is a sanctuary soul where I feel safe, nurtured, relaxed and encouraged in my learning and spiritual development. 



Feeling sick, drained and emotionally exhausted, I asked Gaynelle for a Reiki treatment. That night, she sent healing energy as I slept deeply. Although it was highly unusual for me, I slept through the night without my usual interruptions. I woke up the next morning feeling really good and refreshed. I went outside first thing to spend hours gardening. Gaynelle's Reiki not only aided my sleep but I no longer felt the symptoms I had the evening before. I called on her during a subsequent infection weeks later, and she again remotely sent Reiki healing energy and greatly eased my discomfort. Her treatments truly made a significant difference in my well-being.


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