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Rocío Ortega

Reiki Master/Teacher



In the Angel Energy Healing session we call in the assistance of the angelic realm, and with this energy we can heal any unbalance in the physical and energetic body. This session lasts one hour and can be online or can be distance. 

In this session the loving energy of the Angels assist in cleaning and clearing any blockage that is causing pain or any disorder.

In the Reiki sessions we call in the Universal Energy of healing and connect with the Universal flow of wellbeing. This session last 50 minutes. It can be online or distance.

Our soul has a history, and getting to know our soul gives us great information about our mission, our purpose, and why we are experiencing the blockages that keep us stuck. This session is one hour long, online.

Channeling session is about connecting with your guides and angels to get messages that would guide you in your current life. This session are filled with the love of the guides and angels. This session brings clarity and healing. Is an hour session and is online 

Testimonials or Reviews

I love receiving channelled messages from Rocio and being in her presence overall. I have asked Rocio about a diverse range of topics and she has brought me home to the simplicity of wisdom each time. Rocio is a loving, tender, confident and soothing channel able to provide practical advice pinpointing areas of refinement and behavioural patterns with compassion. Rocio is a sanctuary soul where I feel safe, nurtured, relaxed and encouraged in my learning and spiritual development. Rocio’s patience and receptivity in her expansive embodiment of the divine feminine is diamond focused in her delivery of succinct messages from Spirit with her conviction to service and discipline. I feel Spirit come through strongly when Rocio channels bringing through their embrace and specialty. I am grateful of the love, light and serenity Rocio has shared with me and I highly recommend her for support in deepening connection with Spirit."


Thank you so much Rocío for your healing and magical energy. You and the Angels have helped me so much that I now feel like another person, something dark that wouldn’t let me move on has now disappeared.

I am now extremely happy having put an end to that situation and started to live with a new perspective.


Rocío Ortega
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