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Nichole Nitschke

After Death Communication Readings
General Life Guidance
Intuitive Readings
Spiritual Counseling
Mindfulness Training

(419) 552-4374


She has the passion to assist each individual with any goal, whether it’s using hypnosis to overcome a dysfunctional habit, giving an intuitive reading to assist with grief and loss by connecting to a loved one who has passed away or spiritual counseling to address personal obstacles, open the heart, and find meaning and purpose and achieving greater emotional freedom while bringing hope, happiness and growth into their life. 

Nichole believes in a holistic approach, incorporating all aspects of what it means to be human: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Testimonials or Reviews:

“Hello Nichole, I wanted to get back to you about your mediumship reading you did for me. It was so beautifully accurate. Your messages were clear and concise. I found meaning in everything you shared from loved ones that have passed. Chatting to my mum afterwards about my nan and others only gave more clarification. The details about the greeting: ‘Hi and not hello’  really made me know it was Hyman (my maternal granddad). Mum loved the messages I passed on to her and she welled up with tears. That was one of the first times I confidently discussed spirit with her. So thank you.” 

– Tamara

“Thank you, Nichole, the feeling of peace, warmth and connection was wonderful. This probably doesn’t make much sense, but I feel lighter.”

– B.B.

“Good seeing you today. Thank you again for the reading. Any doubts I had went out the window as soon as you said Susie. Thank you for the gift of relaying my father’s pride in me. Stay well and thanks again.”

– Sue C.

“All I can say is this: I’ve been waiting for someone like her and I know that she is already helping me even after the first session. After the session some things came to surface giving me the ability to see what it is that I need to do. She has a very strong connection to the Higher realm and nonphysical existence and it makes me feel good that I’m not alone. Her cognitive therapy is superb. I have been to a lot of therapists around here in my lifetime and she is amazing!”

– Kimmie R

“Nichole, I did it. I got the lab draw completed without delay or totally freaking out! Thank you for being such an incredible person and therapist. You’ve helped me through so much: pain, grief, acceptance and that dreadful fear of needles. I really cannot thank you enough. Thank you for giving me the tools needed throughout all of my trials and tribulations. Thanks again!!!”

– Adriene.

Nichole Nitschke
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