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Lori Diebold

Holistic Healer
Reiki Master/Teacher
Angelic Reiki Practitioner/Teacher
Shamanic Practitioner
Past Life Healer


Hi, I am Lori. My work is spiritually guided, heart centered and specifically tailored to my clients needs. It is an honor to heal, inspire and remind others of their purpose and potential so they can live a vibrant, healthy life that they are meant to live. I love to empower people in discovering and living their authentic life. My intention is for my clients to feel inspired, hopeful, motivated and ready to make changes in their life following a session with me.

I have been a Holistic Healer for the past 10 years with certifications as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Archangelic Light Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, and Past Life Healer. I have studied at the Delphi University Metaphysical School and completed training as a Master Metaphysician, Certified Spiritual Counselor and Healer, Sound and Color Healing Practitioner, and Rohun Therapist, Inner Child Therapy, In-depth and Advanced Channeling. I am trained in Angel Therapy, Angel Intuitive Healing, Angel Card Readings, and Angelic Reiki with the ability to channel Angels for the guidance and wellbeing of my clients. 


  • Master Metaphysician Spiritual Counselor

  • Akashic Record Practitioner

  • In-depth and Advanced Channeling Certified Angel Intuitive Healer

  • Certified Angel Card Reader

  • Angel TherapistColor & Sound Healing Practioner

  • Reiki Master/TeacherAnimal Reiki Healer

  • Certified Spiritual Healer

  • Archangelic Light Practioner

  • Past Life HealerRohun™ TherapistShamanic Healer

  • Inner child therapy


I'm at a loss for words. You were so incredibly on point with everything. And I mean everything. You are so unbelievably gifted. This session with you was exactly what I needed. I really am just blown away. It's like, what would have taken years of therapy, you somehow managed to do in an hour. I really cannot thank you enough. God Bless! 


Lori is an extremely gifted healer, guide, channeler, and Akashic record reader. I was amazed over the amount of knowledge about me coming through the channeling. I was taken back to the past life where I was able to understand the cause of my childhood traumatic event. Going forward to where the actual event took place I received profound and emotional healing.  Her messages were always caring, loving, compassionate, that ripple healing across my entire life. I highly recommend Lori to all spiritual seekers” J.S.  New York

“Lori is a wonderful and very gifted healer. She is very humble and truly connected to Spirit. What I love most from her abilities is her capacity to recall past life issues or memories that are impiding us to grow and embrace our power, bringing them to the present to be fully cleared, healed and released with such a compassion and understanding that goes beyond words. Thus creating a much freer experience in the now, an opportunity to further evolve and embrace more of our true being into our present lives. I highly recommend the experience.”

Cynthia, CA

My Angel Card Reading with Lori was so lovely! She is a wonderful, heart-centered, intuitive channeler of angelic guidance. The reading lifted my spirit, helped me to connect with the angels, and allowed me to see situations in my life more clearly. She even led me through a healing process which helped to free me from past emotions that were no longer serving me. I could feel her love as well as the love of the angels during the session, and I could feel her pure intention as a healer. It was a beautiful experience! I highly recommend Lori to anyone who is looking to connect with and receive messages from the angelic and divine realm."

A.S. Thanks again, Lori!

I had an incredible Akashic records reading with Lori. She’s an amazing channeler and healer. Throughout the reading, a lot of trauma and pain that was stuck in my emotional body was unveiled and released bringing me so much awareness, clarity and healing. In addition to this, Lori’s energy is just lovely. She’ very compassionate and kind. Thank you so much for all the healing and for your dedication, Lori!

Vanessa C.

My angel Card Reading with Lori was one of the best I have ever had.  She was right on target with my life experiences and concerns and really touched my heart with her insight.  She was also very thorough and detailed with her explanations of the messages from the Angels.  I highly recommend her!!


“Lori helped me to figure out what I needed help with the most. Her gifts are truly eye opening. She was able to channel exactly what issues I have been carrying from other lifetimes which in turn has carried into this one. She was spot on with exactly what has been affecting me. She was loving, caring and compassionate which made me feel at peace and safe. I am forever grateful for her amazing gifts. I will be definitely seeing her for other services. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to find the root of the problem and heal it. So very grateful to have been guided to her.”  

Lori Diebold
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