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Kaira Sherman

Psychic & Herbalist
Intuitive & Spiritual Coaching
Clinical Herbal Wellness
Alaskan Flower Essence Healing
Emotion Code + Body Code Sessions



Since 1998, Kaira Sherman has helped thousands world-wide heal from emotional, psychological, and physical wounds that are held within the body and soul. As a professional Intuitive & Spiritual Coach, Kaira can see you at deep, intuitive levels to identify spiritual blocks that could be holding you back on your path to experiencing more joy, wellness, and wholeness.  

As a certified clinical herbalist, and trained Alaskan Flower Essence therapist, Kaira can also help you choose herbal products that support you as you reintegrate balance and well-beng into your life. Kaira is also certified in The Sedona Method Emotional Freedom technique, a simple, yet powerful way to release resistance and difficult emotions quickly, as well as trained and certified in The Emotion Code, and Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  The Emotion Code helps you free up trapped emotions so that you can access greater health, love, and happiness, and The Body Code unlocks the body’s ability to heal itself. 

Kaira has sat with teachers such as; Adyashanti in the S.F. Bay area intensives for 6 years, Arjuna Ardagh, in Nevada City, CA for 3 years, Mary Greer (tarot author and teacher) in Nevada City for 3 years, Jason L. Oliver (from the teaching staff of television series, “Crossing Over”) for 10 years of psychic development, Gangaji, in San Rafael for 2 years. Kaira is also YTT (yoga teacher trained and certified. She has sat with many spiritual teachers from around the world over the last 30 years and has developed her own blend of eastern philosophy with western mysticism, to provide the greatest benefits for her clients and students. 

Kaira is also the author and creator of Elemental Goddess Tarot deck, and The Secret Herbal Oracle decks.

Kaira has devoted her life to helping others Awaken, Heal, and Transcend. For more information, please visit: 

Testimonials or Reviews

 "I recently found Kaira on FB and didn't know she was right here in home town!  She blends a triage of psychic gifts with tarot cards and herbal remedies.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn from Kaira that my situation could be helped through the Alaskan Essences.  I've been taking the blend she made for me for almost a month and have noticed inner and outer changes in my world that are mind-blowing! Kaira is an experienced and professional reader and healer, and I will also be taking her tarot class.  She is an outstanding psychic, and much more than a psychic. She is a teacher and healer too.  You are in the best hands when you come to Kaira for a reading because she will dive deep to the truth of who you are and help you see through things.  She empowered me and my spirit. I get so much more than a reading when I consult Kaira. Kaira is a true channel for spirit and a sincere soul.  That's far more than I can say for some psychics I've seen over the years. Thank you Kaira."

-Grace M.

"Kaira hit on exactly what was at the root of my problem and helped me heal it there.  She is so kind hearted too.  Kaira also created a remedy for me that has helped me on a physical and energetic level too.  She carries a high vibration and really cares about her clients. I couldn't recommend anyone more highly!"

-Megan R.    

"Kaira is the REAL DEAL.  I have not met anyone quite like her in the psychic world.  She goes straight to what I want to talk about and doesn't waste any time.  Kaira is my one-stop-shop for tarot readings and healing. I have purchased her two decks and have also taken multiple tea blends and flower essence blends from her that really worked.  When I get off track Kaira is the first place I come to for help." 

-Laura  P.    

"Oh my....what can I say other than Kaira is an OUTSTANDING psychic and spiritual teacher! I have been to other psychics and have not found anyone who is as spot ON as Kaira.  Not only did she see things that no one could have known about me, but she said names of people in my life, and saw right into my situation. I trust Kaira because she is a true channel for spirit and she is kind hearted. I can't recommend her enough!"

-Kelly M.


 "Kaira Sherman is the person I return to over and over again whenever I'm experiencing a life transition or matters of great importance. Kaira's intuition is finely tuned, and connection to the Divine Feminine makes here an incredible coach for women. In addition, she bridges past, present, and future in a way that is both meaningful and practical.  She provides solid suggestions for putting into action the insights gained through working with her.  If you're looking to delve deeper into your soul's work, self worth, and connection to your inner goddess, I can't recommend anyone more highly."                                                  

-Katherine B.      

Kaira Sherman
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