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Jean Roalsvig

Intuitive Energy Guide
Spiritual Tune-ups
Soul Communications
Reiki Master/ Teacher


I truly believe that the Universe guides people towards myself and my spirit team, so we can help, guide, inspire, motivate, and heal you on your journey forward.

My passion is to help others as I also have healed my childhood trauma, ancestral lineage, and the ability to love myself in the present moment.

If you feel nudged towards me, read through my website. My services and prices are flexible to fit your needs. 

Most sessions are an hour long, allowing time for discussion before and after the Spirit led channeled session.


“It was beautiful, such a release of years, maybe lives of feelings of unworthiness, the synchronicities were beautiful, learning to heal myself, connecting with my higher self and the Archangels. My favorite, the full embrace from Grandmother Moon, I felt so incredibly loved and accepted. A wholehearted thank you to Jean and all the beautiful visitors who came together to heal my energy. After the abundant tears that flowed freely and unashamedly, my soul is nourished and my energy is flowing unobstructed.”

-Cristina R, North Carolina

“My deepest gratitude for Jean’s ability to integrate the spirit world seamlessly into daily life. Our monthly sessions have validated the ‘nudges’ I had felt and had yet to develop the language to describe. Jean’s intention for each session is to genuinely guide the client to discover one’s own connection to their inner spirit world. Through her beautiful example she demystifies the world ‘across the veil.’ If you are looking for an earth guide who can assist you with connecting to your soul I would highly recommend booking a session with Jean."

-Tracy L, New Hampshire

“Jean’s one-of-a-kind service has opened the door to a deeper understanding of myself, and the relationship I have with the unseen world. I have met (and continue to get to know) my Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters who are helping me along my human journey. Jean has become my spiritual therapist, as I continue to have mind blowing epiphanies, and reach new heights of consciousness. My relationship with myself, others on this planet, and the spirit world (including my deceased grandparents) are so much richer because of what I have learned through Jean. I cannot thank her enough!”

-Alana H, Arizona

Jean Roalsvig
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