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Ioana Egan

Reiki with Crystals
Light Language Recordings
Symbols, Light Language Attunements



Type of services you offer: 

  • Reiki with crystals ( distance and in person healing)  30 minutes / session 

  • Light Language Recordings / Symbols (This is a bespoke service according to the client desires) /10 minutes 

  • Light Language attunement  1hour and 30 minutes 

  • Spiritual guidance through channeled messages  30 - 45 minutes/ session

  • Bespoke guided  meditations to meet your guides, guardian angels 1hour/ session

  • Prayers Circle

  • Energy Clearing for people, spaces, businesses 30 minutes / session

  • Energy Transfer Reset 30 minutes/ session

I would like to show to every person how beautiful, amazing, and loved she/ he is! 

If you want to get better, Reiki is a healing method to bring more Light to every cell of your body.

The Crystals are increasing the power of the Energy received. 

Would you like to ask a question regarding a choice you have to make? I can channel a message, I can clear the energy connected to your options so you can navigate easier through daily life. Or you can choose An Energy Transfer Reset a method to clear deeply your energy on all timelines .

Light Language Recordings are my favorite way to work with Spirit! I receive the sounds/ symbols  that are beneficial for the client according with his/her desires. 

If you would like to open your heart and let your soul sing out loud his own song, I can help with

 Light Language Attunement.

Prayers Circle is my bonus to all my clients who will always have their names on the altar for continuous blessing!

Languages : English and Romanian 


Meeting Ioana was a true blessing. She is not just a spiritual guide to me, but a friend in need. 

The day we first met, I was telling to myself that I need a blessing, because I was feeling like I was drowning. And the Universe send her to me. This is how powerful your thoughts are. You attract what you wish for.  We start speaking for a bit and immediately felt the connection. It was as if she understood and read my soul. She felt that I was unsettled and a bit confused for some reasons and offered her help. Soon after that, I experienced my first meditation. It felt like I was surrounded by a warm and powerful energy. Like my soul was finally at peace, in harmony with everything and started to attract everything I wished for. Of course that I went to Ioana a second time and a third and every time i have the chance. I felt amazing. As I was floating. Can’t tell how much she helped me see that if you open your soul and have a receptive attitude, the Universe works in your favour and sends you all that you ask for. She is not just a healer to me, but a very dear friend. And also, I know that every time I feel a light inside, she sends it to me. Thank you for everything! The world is so lucky to have people like you!

Andra M.

Prima mea ședința Reiki a fost cu Ioana. Am auzit de această practică însă nu am fost familiarizată și suficient de informată și, sincer, am fost puțin sceptică de eficiența acesteia. Ceea ce am experimentat însă, a fost: liniștea, calmul, claritatea și sentimentul de împlinire de care aveam nevoie. Ceea ce am simțit m-a făcut să cred în această formă de vindecare energetică și o recomand cu încredere. 

Daniela G.

Ioana Egan you my beautiful soul sister you are the one that opened that door for me with Light Language and I'm sure many others. I am so gracious and humbled beyond belief to have met you and continue to be in this group with so many amazing incredible people thank you thank you thank you!!! May you have a beautiful, blessed holiday season sending much love.

Lisa R.

Ioana Egan
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