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Aimee Garcia

Manifestation and Mindset Coaching
Distant Energy Healing (Angel Energy/Reiki)

+1 647-4726885


Hello beautiful soul! I’m Aimee Garcia, a manifestation & mindset coach, and an energy healer. The idea of getting into this venture came to light as I was immersing myself in the journey of self-development, mindset motivation, wellness, and female empowerment. I practice the principles of Law of Attraction and manifestation and got trained in different modalities such as mindset coaching, Neural Energetic Encoding & Wiring, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and hypnosis. Did I say that I am also into the woo-woo and spiritual? 😉  I believe in angels and spiritual guides and have also undergone studies in energy healing, channeling, and angel cards. I love to write and process my thoughts in pretty journals and planners, and I do like combining science with the divine in my practices.


“Hello, everyone!

I would like to thank you, Aimee Garcia for a powerful healing session that allowed me to feel the energy of Purification and took my headache away !

I had a vision of a shaman dancing and singing around me and even if my body felt dizzy and numb, like after a workout, my heart was light and full of joy and gratitude!

If you would like to experience the healing touch of Spirit, please book a session with Aimee! 

We are blessed to have you here ! Thank you!!!!”

-Feeling grateful with Aimee Garcia. - IOANA 

"I just had a beautiful remote healing session with Aimee. She is such a gentle soul and I felt right at ease. When she was inviting in the angels I felt incredibly loved, like a goddess. The guidance that came through was very accurate and a reminder to trust myself as well as knowing I'm on the right path. After the session I feel very calm, present and divinely guided, thank you Aimee that was amazing!” 


“Good morning Aimee   I'm enjoying my morning coffee and I'm tuning into that beautiful energy that we created yesterday around my vision! And I'm repeating these sentences and the energy feels so strong that it almost feels as if I'm lifted physically!   your coaching combined with your energy and presence is so powerful!! THANK YOU!! here comes a big grateful hug”


Aimee Garcia
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