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Kristi Lazzari

Life Coaching
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My goal is to help you rekindle your light and live a life you love! As a Transformational Coach and Reiki I would love to support you as you claim your worth, your power, and find your joy. I love helping people step into who they were meant to be! 

I work with people who are tired of being stuck as life passes them by; people who know there is more to life and are ready to be happier, more content, and embrace their true selves.


“I had a series of remote Reiki sessions with Kristi, and am deeply grateful for this experience. They were so helpful. Kristi is such a kind and gentle person and Reiki practitioner. During these sessions I had feelings of peace, warmth, and connection, and they left me feeling calm and balanced. If you are looking for a lovely Reiki healing session, I would suggest you treat yourself to a session with Kristi – she’s great.”


Kristi Lazzari
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