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Fabiana Dodson

Akashic Records
Energy Healer



Fabiana specializes in helping her clients reconnect to their creative expression through clearing out energy blockages, old patterns, akashic residue, old contracts, whatever is keeping them from living out their best and highest timeline. 

This results in organized ideas, clear connection to their intuition and no longer trying to win a race running on a treadmill!

Here’s what some clients had to say about working with Fabiana: 

“ I had the most amazing life affirming Akashic Reading with Fabiana Dodson! She truly is a naturally gifted intuitive, with so much relatability, excellent energy & provided me with messages I needed to hear to help me make peace with why I chose my biological family as I am currently visiting them). I even had asked myself this week, "why did I pick them?" And Fabiana & her Guides picked up on that question and provided me with such a healing answer! Along with other confirmations I needed, I highly recommend! I will definitely utilizing her gifts in the future. Fabiana is such an excellent spiritual Guide.”


“ I would like to thank Fabiana Dodson for an amazing energy balancing session! This was truly one of the most beneficial experiences I've ever had. Fabiana immediately focused right in on my main issues, of all types, very accurately. She began channeling a message for me while the Angels responded and began balancing and clearing my energies, performing a "psychic surgery" of sorts. She could visualize them pulling both physical and emotional negativity out of my chakras, balancing my masculine and feminine energy as they lifted so much weight off of me that I have been carrying for a long time, that isn't mine. The Angels had messages for me that were very helpful as well. Fabiana also zeroed right in on physical aspects that bothered me, and I believe that because of her help, I received a noticeable healing of one of my biggest physical concerns! She mentioned that area and I could feel a warmth and tingling, and it has felt much improved ever since! I'm very grateful for this, as well as Fabiana's practical guidance to help me continue on this path. Working with Fabiana is one of the best decisions you could make for yourself!”


“ Ok so I have to share my experience after my session with Fabiana Dodson this week. I can only describe it as being given a HD tv after living with a regular one (and I don’t even watch TV anymore ) I am a healer myself - however my energetic hygiene has not been the best. I kept worrying about helping other people and completely ignored myself when I started to feel strange.  Nightmares, fatigue & a general off feeling had been creeping up on me for the last couple months. Fabiana Dodson helped clear away everybody else’s energy & channeled the exact answers I needed right now. Happy to share that I have not had any more nightmares, am waking up feeling refreshed & feel so beautifully aligned. Honestly, I thought I was ok before, only now I can look back on the last couple months from this new state that I can see where I was going wrong and ignoring inner signs to get help. 

I’m incredibly thankful to Fabiana for sharing her gifts with me ”


Fabiana Dodson
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